Sweet Pastry Crust Mix | Gluten-free


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Gluten-free preparation for sweet pie crust for gluten intolerants and celiac patients. It will allow preparing a pastry dough easily at home and with taste. Each box of mix Diétélice sweet paste can prepare two pies.

Flours from organic farming.





Organic rice flour, organic potato starch, organic quinoa flour and organic guar flour.

Recipe for the sweet pastry crust without gluten Diétélice

Serves : 6-8


240 g of mix
100 g of butter
55 g of sugar
5 g of salt
1 egg
150 ml of water
1 mold 28 cm in diameter


Put all the elements into a cake mixer or a salad bowl and mix until you obtain a homogeneous paste.
Spread the dough and put it in a pie pan and garnish as you wish.

Additional information

Weight 480 g


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