Allergique Gourmande presents a new recipe with our savory cake mix , and yes, she is a loyal partner of BMD sans gluten. She proposes you this time her organic savory cake which is gluten-free.

Find the entire recipe at her blog, we reveal in here the ingredients she used:

1 organic yogurt (it can be replaced by a soja yogurt)
150 g of organic carrot purée (it replaces eggs)
1 pack of savory cake mix of BMD
1 packet of organic gluten-free yeast
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 of a pot of olive oil (yoghurt pot)
1 organic mozzarella
some bouquets of organic cooked broccoli
salt and pepper


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The BMD sans gluten products are good, healthy and gluten-free. Then, find the flavor of some nice dishes with fast and simple preparations. Our “mixes” are made by a baker who has developed his recipes after several years of hard work.Try to trap your friends: it is very rare that they will notice the difference between a sweet pastry crust Diétélice and a regular dough containing gluten.