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The peculiarity of the products proposed by
BMD SANS GLUTEN is based on their composition that is perfectly adapted to every culinary realization. Every mix is created by the combination and mixtures of various gluten-free organic flours to succeed at creating a recipe. These mixes offer a range of preparations gourmet and varied for delicious dishes and desserts, specially conceived for people who are gluten intolerant or have coeliac disease. Gluten-free BMD is under license agreement of the
AFDIAG (French association of the intolerant
ones in the gluten)…
Who are we ?
Behind BMD sans Gluten, first of all, there is a father who has put all his energy, his love and his knowledge for more than 18 years, taking care of his son who is affected by the coeliac disease, preparing various gluten-free dishes and especially delicious, refusing the idea that certain pleasures were forbidden to him. After 18 years of research, these new formulae totally innovative in the gluten-free universe offer a large number of possibilities to benefit from his culinary discoveries.
Our work
Organic, Gluten-Free and Tasty
Today, BMD sans Gluten propose a mix of flours in order to prepare savory cakes, sweet cakes, Pizzas, Savoy pastry crusts and Sweet pastry crusts. In the heart of Perche, the enterprise BMD sans Gluten is localized at Remalard and develop Made in France products that are conditioned with recyclable packaging.
Our products

Pizza Base Mix

Add some yeast, olive oil, and a little bit of salt to surprise your friends with a gluten-free base for pizza.

Savory Pastry Crust Mix

A delicious and easy preparation to make the crust for pies, tarts or quiches.

Savory Cake Mix

A gluten-free, gourmet and moist cake ? Impossible !

Sweet Pastry Crust Mix

Discover the pleasure of a crusty apple pie with our mix. Fast and succulent !

Sweet Cake Mix

Please your children with a gluten-free cake as a snack.
Our products
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Les produits de BMD sans gluten sont bons, sains et sans gluten. Retrouvez la saveur de certains plats avec des préparations rapides et simples. Nos «mix» sont faits par un boulanger qui a développé ses recettes après plusieurs années de dur labeur. Essayez de piéger vos amis: ils remarquent rarement la différence entre une pâte sucrée et une pâte régulière contenant du gluten.