The French Association of

Gluten Intolerants

The AFDIAG is an association ruled by the 1901 law which has as a mission to inform, to help and to defend the coeliacs and the people reached by herpétiforme dermatitis (the dermatological shape of the coeliac disease).

The logo which you can see on the packagings of our products represent a ” wheat spike blocked into a circle “. Our products are the object of annual analyses and do not have to exceed 20 mg / kg in residual gluten. An audit is done every year at the place of manufacturing according to precise specifications.

The coeliac disease

The coeliac disease is a permanent intolerance to certain protein fractions of the gluten. This autoimmune disease causes a destruction of the villosities of the small intestine. It engenders a malabsorption of nutrients, more particularly iron, calcium and folic acid. The allergies to wheat are rarer and pass by different mechanisms.


Gluten is a protein mass of reserve contained in certain cereals: wheat (including spelt, the khorasan wheat – or Kamut, small spelt, etc…), rye (and its mix with wheat – the triticale) and barley.


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Find us

BMD sans gluten – Les Docks De Saint Marc – 61110 – Dorceau – Rémalard, Perche, France.

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contact us


Phone: (+33 ) 2 33 73 95 01 / (+33) 6 82 45 02 28




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The BMD sans gluten products are good, healthy and gluten-free. Then, find the flavor of some nice dishes with fast and simple preparations. Our “mixes” are made by a baker who has developed his recipes after several years of hard work.Try to trap your friends: it is very rare that they will notice the difference between a sweet pastry crust Diétélice and a regular dough containing gluten.